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When your guests come to stay at your hotel, they are seeking a good night’s rest. When you work with us at Amzona Bedding, you get high-quality bed linens that have an elegant aesthetic while still providing that comfort that your guests are looking for.

Impress your hotel guests with best In luxury hotel bed linen

Every hotel is different and has its own distinct theme. This is why we carry an extensive line of hotel bed linens with a wide range of styles that can easily fit the aesthetic of your luxury hotel business. Some of the hotel linens we carry include sheets, pillowcases, duvets and duvet covers, mattress toppers and bedskirts.

An arbitrary collections of stripe fabric that give your guests a luxurious & comfort. Our best quality fabrics & bed linen is designed with 100% long staple, combed cotton and 300 to 500 thread count materials.

We have a series of collection in stripe sateen fabrics, Most popular stripe patterns are as follows.

0.5cm sateen stripe01cm sateen stripe02cm sateen stripe03cm sateen stripe

Feel good about your purchase knowing that these white, satin-striped sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases transform any bed into a relaxing oasis.

Stripe Bed Linen Collection

Plain Sateen Fabrics

High-quality, lush linens shouldn’t be confined to the posh walls of hotels and spas. Bring the comfort and class of A-grade bed linens to your guests with Amzona Bedding

We have comprehensive range of Plain Sateen Fabric in 100% cotton & poly cotton material

Thread Count :- 500/ 400/ 300/ 260/ 250

Color:- White & Dyed

fall in love with our featured Products

3cm stripe

Duvet Covers

Our duvet covers are Featuring with rich high quality weave. our best quality duvet cover in cotton & polycotton material are the ultimate bedding upgrade. To make life a little easier, our Duvet Covers feature numerous style & stitching patterns.

Pillow Cases

Cool and crisp, our Classic Percale & Sateen feature pillow cases are Perfect selection of your choice. All our Pillow cases have discreet envelope closures, making sure there is no frustrating pillow cases.

Bed skirts

Our bed skirts are made from cotton blended with polyester . This everyday range is finished with Non Iron treatment to minimise creasing & thoroughly tested to ensure excellent colour fastness.

Bed Sheets

Our Linen Sheets are effortless elegance and casual style. An Effortless elegance and casual style inspire our Linen Sheets collection. Light yet cozy, our Linen is perfect for warm days or cool nights.

Fitted Sheets

Our best-selling Luxury quality Fitted Sheets in percale, plain sateen & stripe sateen are the ultimate bedding upgrade. What's so great about this fitted sheet? All our fitted sheets made of high quality yarns in 100% long staple cotton polycotton material.

Bed Runners

Our bed runners will add texture to your room and sit well with a variety of designs. Bed runners are available in various designs, colors & styles

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