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The Best Pillows & Comforters Ever!

Redefine your brand of luxury and pampering with the right choice of pillows & Comforters only from Amzona! Explore the many different ways you can spoil your guests and elevate the ambiance and feel of your hotel room with the largest selection of hotel pillows & Comforters to suit every brand’s preference.

The Five Star Choice

Amzona’s products have long been the choice of countless global hospitality brands, five-star hotels, and international chains for their lounge and bedroom implements. We have a wide assortment of pillows that will suit any hotel type, location, and image – all guaranteed to come in the same kind of luxurious quality, durable construction and material, and excellence in design fit for luxury brands.


Don’t think that you can hide a low-quality duvet with a colorful duvet covers. For luxury and quality that your guests will notice and appreciate, invest in high-quality hotel duvet inserts.

We offer a premium selection of Comforters/Duvets specifically designed for luxury hotels. With a range of fillings, filling densities, exterior fabrics and construction styles available, you can find the right feel for your hotel. 


Our selection caters to all types of hotels and preferences, offering standard options ranging in an array of pillow sizes, exterior materials, fillings, firmness, and sizes. You’ll surely find the pillows that suit the brand of deluxe staying experience your hotels offer. Our selection also includes special pillows, including microgel and viscogel pillows for more specific purposes.

The impression you leave on your guests is only as good as their last stay. Create an experience so unforgettable that it will make them want to come back to you over and over again with the right choice of beddings and pillows. Our feature products are as follows.

Virgin Fiber Pillows

Take luxury and relaxation to another level with Amzona's by using our pure hollow virgin pillows. An impressive line of specialized hotel pillows that is most reliable in quality & econonmical in prices.

Micro Gel Fiber Pillows

Amzona is your most reliable name for quality beddings, pillows, At Amzona you can find best pillows that fit to your room ambience & comfort. Our Micro gel fiber pillows are of good quality & available in different ranges sizes & verities.

Feather Pillows

Our feather pillows have been subjected to a very high level of quality to ensure that they represent the kind of world-class quality you desire for your hotel to exude.


Give your guests the experience of unforgettable luxury by using quality cushions for that give an exotic look to your bed. Our variety of cushions helps in recreation with the best selection of sizes & qualities.


In terms of hotel bedding, duvets can be some of the most confusing items to buy and most expensive to replace. How do you know that you’re getting a hotel duvet and cover that can withstand frequent usage and necessary washing and still maintain its shape and quality?

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for hotel duvets and hotel duvet covers.

Here are a few of the duvets that we offer:


Indulge your guests with this 100% polyester, siliconised and carded hollow fiber duvet, constructed using quilted horizontal channels with piping around the border. The exterior fabric is 100% cotton and the duvet comes in a variety of thicknesses for every climate.


This modern and elite duvet option has an exterior fabric made of 100% polyester microfiber and is filled with 100% polyester, siliconised and carded hollow fibre. With its quilted horizontal channels and border piping, this duvet holds its shape and retains quality through multiple washings. This duvet is available in a variety of thicknesses to match your climate.

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